How to Remove late payments from your Credit Report

A late payment on your credit report can be a huge blow to your credit score. A late payment can sit on your report for upwards of seven years, that’s a long time to pay for a mistake. This makes it critical to take care of any late payments you find on your report.

If you do find a late payment you can stop it from damaging your score too much by acting quickly. A few actions you can take to remove late payments are writing a dispute letter, negotiating with the creditor, or getting help from a credit specialist.

Dispute Letter

A dispute letter works especially well if you think that the late payment is unfair or inaccurate. This letter will be exactly like any other dispute letter to credit bureaus (to learn how to write a dispute letter go here). It is important to have a new report when disputing an inaccurate mark on your report because if it was a mistake it’s possible that they already corrected themselves.

Negotiating with a Creditor

Negotiating with a creditor is the best option if you hit a road bump and are genuinely trying to get back on track. You should be honest with creditors without going into a ton of detail about your life, mention the event that set you back and that you want to be back on your feet by this date, and you can only pay this much. If you are honest and stick with the same story creditors are very more likely to consider your offer.

Getting Help from a Credit Specialist

Getting help from a credit specialists takes a lot of the work off of you and puts it onto someone who knows the most effective and efficient way of disputing negative items. The Credit Specialists at Credit Innovation Group have been disputing the toughest items off of reports for years.


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