How to Remove a Bankruptcy Dismissal from a Credit Report

How to remove a Bankruptcy Dismissal from a Credit Report?

When a Bankruptcy Case is dismissed by a judge it will be reported onto your credit report. Bankruptcies and bankruptcy dismissals are among the worst things for your credit and can stay on your report for a decade. So how do you remove a Bankruptcy Dismissal from a Credit Report?

DIY Dismissal Removal

The first step to take when trying to dispute a bankruptcy dismissal is getting the copies of each of your credit reports. You will also want a copy of all the paperwork concerning the bankruptcy from the courthouse your case was discussed. To get a  copy from the courthouse it should only be a few dollars.

Next you will write a statement challenging the bankruptcy, write to all three credit bureaus and send copies of your paperwork to them.

It can take up to a month for the bureaus to get back to you. If they choose not to remove the Bankruptcy Dismissal from your account try to get advice from the attorney on your bankruptcy. You can try more disputes but you’re unlikely to have any lucky with it if they rejected you twice.

Hiring a Professional to Help

While some people do have luck disputing it on their own, most of the time it is not that easy.  If after trying on your own a couple times and asking for advice from an attorney still doesn’t work you may want to try hiring an attorney to handle your case. Hiring an attorney can be expensive but worth the every penny if they can stop this negative mark from deteriorating your finances for 10+ years.

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