The Guide to Disputing Credit Online

Learn how to remove questionable items from your credit report with our guide to disputing credit online. Thanks to modern technology, you can do just about anything immediately through your smartphone or laptop. This technology makes the huge inconvenience of disputing credit easier than ever. Disputing credit is still a hassle without a professional's help. Here is a complete guide to making online disputes as easy as possible.

Why dispute credit online?

Financial institutions use your credit score as a quick assessment to decide if they should extend you credit our not. Likely you've experienced this scenario when applying for a credit card or getting a loan from a bank. Credit is more than just your financial history; your credit report will also show if you have any bankruptcies or if you have been arrested.

A lot of financial gurus say you don't need credit, but it's important to keep a close eye of what ends up on your credit report. Often questionable or inaccurate items can end up on your credit report. The goods news is the government has put systems in place for you to get these questionable items removed.

Contacting your credit bureaus online is the fastest way for you to get questionable items investigated. If you need your credit fixed fast, this is the second fastest option, next to hiring the professionals at Credit Innovation Group to take care of it. Each major bureau has an online portal you can use to log in and dispute inaccurate items within 24 hours.

Starting your credit dispute process

The three major credit bureaus in the United States are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It is important to choose the right bureau for what you are disputing, so it has a better chance of being removed. When you are getting ready to dispute items from your report, you should request three brand new credit reports from each of the bureaus. You want to see the most up to date incorrect and incomplete items on your report. Every creditor reports to the bureaus differently, and a lot of them only report to one bureau. This fact makes it important to check each of report, so you do not miss the negative items. It is also important to pull new reports, so you don’t dispute things that have already been updated or fixed.

All online dispute processes are similar, here is where to dispute for each bureau.

Every creditor reports to the bureaus differently, and a lot of them only report to one bureau.

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Find every item you believe is incorrect on your Equifax report or negative items that you believe to be incomplete. When you have found what needs disputed, file a dispute here (


Compile your list of incomplete or inaccurate items and dispute them off of your credit report here (


Here you can easily dispute incorrect items off of your report and get email notifications with the status of your dispute (

What to Expect

Within 30 days of your online dispute, you should receive some confirmation with your bureau about actions they took or decided not to take. You would receive this by email unless they asked for your contact preferences (mail, phone, email.) If this dispute did not work it would be worth it to hire professional credit repair agents here at Credit Innovation Group, they know and care more about credit repair than any business in the country.

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