Frequently Asked Questions

How is Credit Repair considered legal?

You have legal rights as a consumer and credit customer that are established by federal statutes, the most common of which is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Credit Reporting Bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) provide credit reports that collect their information from the creditors. It is common for negatives items that are listed on consumer credit reports have been reported incomplete or inaccurate in some way. If you have negative items on your credit report that are not being reported completed accurately, you have a right to dispute them with the Credit Reporting bureaus.

How can your company repair my credit?

We have a staff of credit reporting experts who understand the laws governing credit reporting and we have proven methods for assisting our clients in overcoming the negatively reported items on their credit report through the legal channels of establishing accurate and complete reporting.

If it saves me money, why not fix my own credit?

If you are willing to take the time to learn all the relevant details of the credit reporting process and if you become fully versed in the federal statutes governing credit reporting and consumer credit, then you are definitely in a position to go through the credit restoration yourself. We know from experience that this pathway to improving your credit report can take a very long time. Many consumers do not have the time to go through the Do It Yourself process?

How much will cost me in total for your services?

Our pricing is listed on our Services page and consists of the initial setup fee and then monthly fees thereafter. Each person’s case is different. We don’t know the completeness and accuracy of the negative items on your report until we get into the dispute process; therefore, there is no way to know for sure (and thus guarantee) that we can remove X negative items in Y amount of time. We do engage the most efficient, streamlined method of credit remediation and strive to deliver excellent results for our customers.

How long with the repair process take?

There are as many different scenarios for successfully challenges negative items as there are customers engaged in our services. No two are alike. Once a negative item has been challenged, the Credit Reporting Bureaus have 30 days to investigate and resolve the dispute. It is common to have multiple disputes over the same negative item. We will continue to dispute your negative items until (a) they have been satisfactorily resolved or (b) we have mutually agreed that the item is completely and accurately reported and the creditor is not willing to remove it. That said, because of our proprietary disputing process, we have a very high success rate in removing negative items. As an rule, our customers can expect their disputable negative items to be resolved within 4 – 6 months.

If I engage your services, how quickly will I begin to see improvement in my credit score?

Once we have performed a thorough analysis of your credit report, we can begin the dispute process. Each round of disputes takes about 35-45 days (reporting agencies have up to 30 days responding to each dispute). After the first 45 days of our service, you should see items removed and your credit score noticeably improved. Moving forward, we have a performance target for our team to product an improvement in your credit score of 30+ points every 30 – 45 days of service.

What do I have to do to get started?

Go to our Get Started link and connect with one our credit specialists. They will go through the things you need to do to get your remediation process started and will gain a detailed understanding of your situation. You will also be asked to obtain and provide an updated copy of your credit report from all three Bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian). Your specialist will review your report and discuss it with you to provide you realistic guidelines and expectations for the remediation process.

Why are there 3 credit reporting agencies and why do I need a report from all three?

The three credit reporting agencies, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, are three different companies, each privately owned (not a federal government agency). They each provide a copy of the your credit history as provided by your creditors. Each may have some items that the other do not and each many be missing items that they others are reporting. It is important that we begin the remediation process by reviewing everything that is reported from all three agencies so that we can commence the dispute process with everything in view. If we overlook a negative item that is not disputed and remains on your credit report, it will continue to hurt your credit score.

How do I obtain a copy of my credit report? What does it cost?

You have a legal right to obtain a free copy of your credit report once per year. You will receive a report from each of the three reporting bureaus. To access these free reports, go to

What is the difference between my credit report and credit score?

Your credit report is a history of your credit activities as reported by your creditors to the credit bureaus. The report will show payment history, charge offs, settlements, judgments and bankruptcies. Each of the bureaus then derives their own version of your credit score. So you end up with a TransUnion score, an Experian score and an Equifax score. These are not your true FICO score, just their own derivation. Creditors vary on which scores they use in assessing whether to extend credit to a borrower and at what rate. Your best score, the one that is most significant to your credit worthiness, is the FICO score. Typically, the average of the three bureaus is a close approximation to the FICO. Please go to our education page to learn more about FICO.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

We do not guarantee our services will resolve all your negative items or that your credit score will rise to a certain number. We cannot guarantee something that we don’t have complete control over. There are many negative items reported on consumer credit reports that are complete and accurate and will not be removed by creditors. We do not have control over this. What we do have is a proprietary dispute process that has proven to be highly effective in removing negative items and our customers are happy with their results.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, and we back up our services with a 90 day satisfaction promise. This is unheard of in this industry because it is impossible to guarantee results. In fact it is not legal to. But the CIG promise is that you should start to see deletions within 90 days of working with our team. If not, then simply call us, and we will refund your money.

Do you offer a discount on your services for a spouse?

If you know that your spouse has negative items on their credit report, we strongly suggest you both sign up with as at the same time. We offer a discount on our pricing for your spouse and experience tells us that you will enjoy going through the process together, rather than going with one first and then the other.

Does your company provide debt management services?

Our specialists utilize a proprietary dispute process to effective challenge negative items on your credit report that are not complete or accurate. In working with thousands of clients, these specialists have become very knowledgeable about credit, credit report remediation and credit scoring. They also have high level knowledge of how to effectively deal with creditors.

However, we do not offer legal services and will not represent ourselves as your legal representative to your creditors. We are always willing to provide advice on ways to improve your credit score and provide suggestions on effective debt resolution.