Credit Inquiry Removal in 24 hours, is it possible?

Credit Inquiry Removal in 24 hours, is it possible?

A hard credit inquiry is when a company gets your permission to check your credit report. Hard inquiries are not usually horrible for your credit, but they can drop your credit score a few points, which can add up. If hard inquiries aren’t a huge deal then how easy is it to get rid of?

Disputing items off of your report can be easy, especially with professional help. You should only dispute incorrect or inaccurate items off of your credit report, and hard inquiries are not incorrect. So, although you cannot dispute inquiries there are other fast ways to raise your credit score.

Key Steps to take Right Now

Plan out on-time Payments

Enroll in auto-pay for your credit card or set up reminders for when to pay off monthly bills. Making your payments on time and in full will have a huge effect on your credit.

Check your Credit Reports

Make sure your credit report is up to date. If you know what’s on your report you can see what is hurting your score. If you find any incorrect items on your report, watch them. If they are new it is possible for the creditor or the bureau to fix their mistake, if not you will want to dispute them.

Credit Habits to Maintain a Rising Credit Score

Making on-time Payments

Late payments significantly hurt your credit score, and you can’t fix them, what you can fix is your habit. Payment history makes up 35% of your credit score, so on time monthly payments made in full will be one of the best things for your credit. If nothing else, make it a habit to make all of your payments on time, and your credit score will continue to rise through the year.

Making sure your Credit Reports are Accurate

If you are working on raising your credit score you should consistently check your report. Looking at your credit report every month is important because creditors and credit bureaus make mistakes all the time. If your score is going down but you are making all of your payments on time you should make sure everything got reported correctly. If you find anything incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete in your report, it is important to dispute it so your financial life isn’t suffering from someone else’s mistakes.

Fix Your Credit Utilization Ratio

A credit Utilization Ratio is how much of a customer's available credit they actually use. According to, If your credit card balances are consistently more than 30% of your limits it can hurt your credit score. Your statement is usually what is reported to the bureaus. If you know you will be going over for the month consider pre-paying part of it.

Credit Repair

If you have a hard credit inquiry on your report the most you can do is work on the rest of your credit. Fixing your own credit is overwhelming, but hiring a professional is the fastest way to raise your credit score, and having good credit is worth it. The credit repair specialists at Credit Innovation Group can start raising your credit immediately and will help you save thousands. Good credit is always worth it for a healthy financial life.


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