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CREDIT INNOVATION GROUP (CIG) consists of a multi-faceted team of credit reporting specialists with careers ranging anywhere from attorney-at-law to finance and lending to business development, to insurance and real estate.

We love what we do and are experts at it. We consistently produce the best results for our clients. Our depth of knowledge and experience about credit reporting (and about your legal rights in credit reporting) enables us to deliver superior results.

Our unique proprietary system and level of experience has allowed us to build a reputation on a national level of quality and integrity by assisting thousands of clients who are building their personal credit profile.

Many of our credit consultants hold nation-wide seminars for professionals in the lending and real estate industries on credit reporting, identity theft,

and credit building. We also conduct regular educational seminars for the consumer on how the credit scoring system “really” works and how those scores affect their financial lives.

CREDIT INNOVATIN GROUP complies with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) which are the federal laws that govern our industry.

We service customers nationwide (except for in Georgia). We are registered, licensed, and bonded.

Take good care of your credit, and your credit will take good care of you.

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