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Our credit repair services have been helping people improve their credit for three decades. Our team of credit specialists are empowered to help people take control of their financial well being.

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Enrolling in our program gives you someone who is on your side in credit reporting. We welcome this opportunity to work with you to improve your credit status on a constant basis.

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About Us

CREDIT INNOVATION GROUP (CIG) consists of a multi-faceted team of credit reporting specialists with careers ranging anywhere from attorney-at-law to finance and lending to business development, to insurance and real estate.

We love what we do and we are experts at it. We consistently produce superior results for our customers. We excel above our competitors because of our depth of knowledge and experience about credit reporting and our knowledge of your legal rights in consumer credit.   Read More

Our Benefits

  • A Credit Specialist reviews your credit history with you and identifies how we can help.
  • The Specialist will identify strategic options for credit repair and recommend “next steps”.
  • We work with all five reporting Bureaus to establish accurate reporting on your behalf.
  • Our proprietary relationship with the Bureaus allows us to resolve errors through an electronic process, making it completely paperless. NO WRITING LETTERS necessary.

“This company was absolutely amazing. They restored my Credit file rapidly and were very professional with their updates. Their customer service is truly unbeatable! Their staff has over 15 years of experience with lending institutions resulting in outcomes that will exceed your utmost expectations. It is very hard to find people and companies that have this much experience and knowledge to be able to not only help people get back on their feet but do it at a great price. You will not be disappointed! Truly amazing!

Danny L.

“My fiancé and I started with your company 2 months ago after wasting 5 months with another “credit repair” company accomplishing zero results. We were very skeptical due to our previous experience and we had a lot of questions and concerns. Our representative, Michael, was very patient with our questions, even the tiniest detail and didn’t make us feel as if any of of our questions were silly or insignificant. He answered every single question and was very knowledgeable about the process. We were pleased that we received follow up phone calls and emails the first week we started. Since then, every time we have called we were either able to speak with him directly or received a call back later that day. In addition to the phone calls we have received timely emails with updates to our credit reports. While we understand that credit repair does not produce instant gratification, in the time that we have been clients we are quite satisfied with the results that we have seen thus far. We look forward to continued relationship and successful completion of our files. THANK YOU!”

Rebekah W. & Royce G.

“I just wanted to reach out to you for the wonderful job you are doing on my credit, I was with another company previous to you guys and it has been night and day. I look forward to soon having a 100% clean credit report thanks to your hard work, keep up the great work!”

Claude H.

Take good care of your credit, and your credit will take good care of you.

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